Saturday 21 September 2019

Fishy branding leads to renaming of Aldi caviar

Caviar (Getty)
Caviar (Getty)
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Irish customers won’t be impressing their dinner guests with cut-price ‘Beluga’ caviar this Christmas as Aldi has rebranded the delicacy it is about to bring to market.

The discount supermarket came under fire this week after fine food experts criticised the naming of one of its advertised foodstuffs.

After the leading German chain announced that they would be selling the caviar at just €12.99 per 20g jar, approximately 75pc less than it retails at in other stores, foodies became sceptical that the product met ‘Beluga’ standards.

These experts insisted that the inclusion of the word ‘Beluga’ would potentially confuse customers as caviar farms could not sell authentic Beluga caviar at Aldi’s price. 

Aldi, which houses over 100 stores in Ireland, have confirmed to that the product will now be clearly labelled ‘Specially Selected Caviar’ instead of ‘Amur Beluga Caviar’.

According to international food standards, critically endangered Huso huso, located in the Caspian, Adriatic and Black Seas, is the only sturgeon used to create Beluga caviar.

The caviar that will go on sale in Aldi stores nationwide from December 19 is created from river sturgeon which has no relation to Huso huso. 

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