Thursday 22 March 2018

Fire brigade delivers second baby in a week

Rob Nulty with the baby boy
Rob Nulty with the baby boy

Ryan Nugent

A Dublin firefighter who delivered a baby on the side of a road said it "only took three or four pushes and she had given birth to a baby boy".

Rob Nulty (33) and his colleague Paul Guirrell of the Swords Fire Service reacted quickly to an emergency call from Lusk on Saturday after a Romanian woman's waters broke.

It's the second baby a crew from the station have delivered in a week.

The pair knew they didn't have the time to transport the woman to a maternity hospital after receiving notice that a fire engine was on its way to help them.


"I got a call to Lusk at about 4.30pm that a woman's waters had broken and normally that mightn't mean the baby's birth was imminent, but on the way we got a message that the baby's birth was indeed imminent," Rob told Today FM.

Colleague Paul, who has 15 years' experience with Dublin Fire Brigade, told Rob to begin preparations to deliver the baby.

"He said to me, 'Rob, you quickly get the maternity kit and set up and I'll go into the house and see what the story is'," said Rob.

The 18-year-old woman initially said she was okay, but only a few moments later she was ready to give birth.

"Within 30 seconds she said, 'I need to push', and three or four pushes later she had given birth to a baby boy," he added.

Rob, who's been a fireman since 2008, said this was the first time he had properly delivered a baby.

"In 2010 I assisted along with a fire engine and ambulance, but this time it was more central," he said.

"There's been an unbelievable reaction - everyone is over the moon, everyone texting, everyone in the fire brigade is delighted.

"Everything has been very positive."

It's been a hectic week for the Swords branch of the fire brigade, which delivered another baby only last week.

Paramedics Steve McNally and Barry Holohan brought baby Eva into the world last Monday.

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