Tuesday 10 December 2019

Feud fears rise as suspects in Hutch murder are warned of threats on lives

The scene of Eddie Hutch Snr's murder
The scene of Eddie Hutch Snr's murder
Scene of the shooting dead of Eddie Hutch snr on Poplar Row
Gardai at the shattered front door of murder victim Eddie Hutch, in the North Strand area of Dublin, Picture Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin.
Scene of the Regency Hotel shooting on Friday, February 5. (Inset: Regency Hotel shooting victim David Byrne (left) and retaliation shooting victim Eddie Hutch Snr)

Two of the four-man gang who are suspected of being involved in the revenge murder of Eddie Hutch have been formally notified by gardai of an imminent threat against their lives.

Associates of Eddie Hutch are aware of these individuals’ identities and they are ready to strike back for last week’s murder. This feud is not going to die down,” a senior source told the Herald last night.

Gardai from Mountjoy and Finglas Garda stations called to the homes of the two criminals last weekend and formally notified them of the “active” threats against their lives.

It is understood that gardai were acting on information that they had been identified and blamed for the Eddie Hutch murder by the same north inner city gang who were behind the shocking Regency Hotel gun attack.

The funeral cortege makes its way to Harold's Cross.
The funeral cortege makes its way to Harold's Cross.
A piper at the funeral of David Byrne
A boxing ring floral tribute

The two under-threat criminals are closely linked to the Christy Kinahan cartel. One of them is suspected of attempting to murder exiled crime boss John Gilligan twice in the space of less than three months, while the other is a chief suspect in the shocking 2006 Baiba Saulite murder case.


The development is sure to increase gangland tensions in the capital after the funeral yesterday of gangster David Byrne (34).

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Eddie Hutch (59) was shot dead when four masked gunmen entered into his house on Poplar Row in North Strand (right) shortly before 8pm on Monday night of last week.

It is believed they screamed “That’s for David” as they pumped bullets into his head.

Two male relatives from Cabra are also suspected by gardai of being involved in the savage murder of Eddie Hutch along with the two hitmen who have been warned of threats to their lives.

The Cabra relatives are also extremely well known to gardai for involvement in organised crime and previously lost one of their closest associates to a gangland murder.

None of the four criminals who are suspected of the Hutch murder have been arrested and none have left the country.

Gardai have established a number of similarities between the Hutch murder and the slaying of Darren Kearns in Cabra in late December.

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This has led officers to believe that the same gang was responsible for both murders.

Kearns was shot dead in a car being driven by his wife after they left a Chinese restaurant at Blackhorse Avenue on December 30. In both cases, the BMW cars used by the gangsters were not stolen but were bought online.


While the BMW 5 Series car used in the Kearns murder was bought in October, over two months before he was shot dead, the car used in the Hutch murder was purchased in January, only weeks before the killing.

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Unlike in the murder of Kearns, Hutch’s killers failed to burn out the silver BMW 3 Series car they used as their initial escape vehicle which may have resulted in crucial DNA evidence being found in the car.

When they dumped the BMW, they left the scene at St Patrick’s Parade, in a dark-coloured 4x4 vehicle, possibly a Land Cruiser.

The Hutch killers are also suspects for the botched murder of David ‘Daithi’ Douglas on November 8.


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