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Feral teen 'gang' continues to terrorise young family


Michelle Kinehan who is being terrorised by a gang of youths at her home in Fettercairn, Tallaght.

Michelle Kinehan who is being terrorised by a gang of youths at her home in Fettercairn, Tallaght.

Michelle Kinehan who is being terrorised by a gang of youths at her home in Fettercairn, Tallaght.

A MOTHER and her young sons are "still living in constant fear" as three more attack attempts have been made on their home and property over the Christmas period.

Michelle Kinehan, (35), said she can't cope with feeling "nervous, anxious and sick to my stomach" any longer and is desperately concerned about the safety of her boys, aged 15, eight and six years old.

Her story was highlighted by the Sunday Independent and RTE's Joe Duffy last month. "I want out of here and I want out of Tallaght altogether. I can't cope anymore. Christmas has been ruined," said Michelle who says she has been a "prisoner" in her own home since moving to the Fettercairn area of Tallaght, south Dublin, in 2010.

"I don't know what to expect, I can't relax. I stayed in the house all over Christmas - I couldn't go out because I'm afraid they'll try to break in again," said Michelle, a hairdresser, who was awake until 5am safeguarding her home from teenagers.

Michelle brought her "frightening" living situation to public attention when her house was completely ransacked by a "gang" of anti-social hoodlums on December 7.

The raiders got in the sitting room window, trashed the house and stole her son's PlayStation, television, laptop and football bag. They also took Michelle's hairdressing kit, spare car key and money she had saved for Christmas. They also walked excrement all over the house after "going to the toilet in my front garden".

Although an alarm system has been regularly activated on the house, the perpetrators have continued to terrorise and intimidate the young family.

During Christmas week there were two break-in attempts on Michelle's home - once while she attended her son's school play and the second on Christmas night while she was visiting her mother.

"The alarm company rang to say the back door was tampered with and when I came back there were marks on the back door," she said adding that there is a CCTV security camera in the area "but not on my street".

Then on St Stephen's night, they returned again and tried to hijack her car.

"They thought they'd be able to steal it and that they had one up on me because they thought I'd be silly enough to leave the car out there without the locks being changed," she said, adding that they used a crowbar to open it.

"My hairdressing bag was in the car and they took my scissors and destroyed my hairdressing equipment. It was pure and utter anger that they done the damage to the car because they couldn't go anywhere with it," said Michelle, who believes she is being targeted simply because she is a single mother.

Although "the guards are doing the best they can," she is applying for a house transfer because "nothing can be done until they are caught in the act".

Local councillor Charlie O'Connor, who had his car vandalised "by the same gang" when he visited Michelle's home last month, described the situation as "outrageous".

"It's the bad people that should be forced out, not Michelle. Another family will end up going in and they'll have to go through this again," he said.

"I'm not for throwing families out, but tougher action has to be taken because they are not afraid of the gardai and they don't care," he said.

Sunday Independent