Monday 18 November 2019

Family vigil for toddler after collision in driveway

Dublin's Temple Street Childrens Hospital
Dublin's Temple Street Childrens Hospital

Caroline Crawford

A litle girl was last night fighting for her life after she was knocked down in the driverway of her grandparents' home.

Annalise McDonagh, who is just 16 months old, was struck by a car as the family gathered together for an Easter celebration.

Her devastated parents, Edward and Bernadette are keeping vigil at the hospital bedside of their only child at Temple Street Children's University Hospital in Dublin.

The toddler is being kept sedated as doctors attempt to reduce the swelling on her brain.

Her grandfather Michael McDonagh told the Irish Independent how the tragedy had been a freak accident.

"It was just a genuine freak accident. Annalise had been playing on the bouncy castle with the other children and she had strayed around the back of the house.

"Her uncle was driving off, he'd checked behind the car before he moved off but she just ran around at the worst time," said Mr McDonagh.

He said the family were rallying around Annalise's parents.

"Edward was only a few minutes away when it happened and Bernadette was there. They are taking it bad. Her mother is expecting another baby," he added.

The grandfather said doctors had told the family that the next 48 hours would be critical.

"She's stable now but they are keeping her sedated to stop her moving.

"They need to get the swelling down and the next 24 to 48 hours are the ones that matter," he said.

Mr McDonagh also praised the ambulance, helicopter and hospital staff for all their work.

"They couldn't have done more. They have all been wonderful," he said.

"They were at the house so quickly and since she's been in hospital they have done everything they can. We are very grateful," he added.

The family had been enjoying the Easter Bank Holiday Monday at the home of the child's grandparents along with a number of cousins when the incident happened.

"She was having a great time with the bouncy castle, she was up and down like a yo-yo. We just can't believe it has happened.

Annalise was rushed by helicopter to University Hospital Galway but was later transferred to Dublin as the extent of her injuries became clear.

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