Sunday 27 May 2018

Family of 10 living in three bedrooms for four years - with another child on the way

Some of the younger members of the family at their home. Photo: Lana Warner
Some of the younger members of the family at their home. Photo: Lana Warner
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A Dublin family of 10 is living in three bedrooms - with another child expected shortly.

Speaking to, Lana Warner explained that there are three generations and three families living in the three bedroom apartment.

Lana claims that both her and her sister, Jacinta, have been on the housing list for four years and that they've been told that the Council cannot help them.

"They told us overcrowding isn't a priority... that it will be a few more years because they're focusing on the homeless first".

Both Lana and Jacinta's families live in their mother's house in Tallaght. Lana has two children, with a baby on the way, and Jacinta has three children and a partner. Their little brother shares a room with their mother.

"There's no space. We're piled on top of each other".

Lana's little brother has been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, compounding the stress of their living conditions.

"We try to keep the kids out when he's having a seizure, so they don't have to see it... but it's hard keeping them out of one room".

Jacinta's two daughters have atshma, and Jacinta says that she has been warned by the doctor that her youngest may also develop symptoms due to the cramped conditions. "The doctor said he'll have problems too because we're all just squashed".

Jacinta told that she has been on the waiting list since "before I had kids... my eldest is now four".

Jacinta says the families have "tried everything" to find alternative accommodation but that "nobody will take rent allowance... even the council hatch scheme, nobody will take that".

"We're exhausted. We've tried everything".

South Dublin Council were not immediately available for comment.

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