Tuesday 17 July 2018

Family living in fear after mysterious 'woman in white' appears in home

The spooky figure has appeared a number of times this week

Declan Doyle with his wife Kellyann, sons Declan Jr (14) and Shane (6) and daughter Eileen (16) at their home in Avoca, Co Wicklow
Declan Doyle with his wife Kellyann, sons Declan Jr (14) and Shane (6) and daughter Eileen (16) at their home in Avoca, Co Wicklow
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A father-of-three has pleaded for a priest to visit his home immediately after a mysterious "woman in white" appeared on their staircase and in their kitchen.

Declan Doyle (42) claims his wife Kellyann will not stay alone in the house in Avoca, Co Wicklow after a series of spooky events earlier this week.

The family claim a female apparition appeared at the top of their staircase on Monday.

A short time later his wife and sons say the same figure reappeared in the kitchen of their home in Brook Meadow.

Now, the family fear that the house is haunted and want a priest to visit the property and exorcise the demons.

Mr Doyle, who works as a machine road sweeper, explained that they bought the house new in 2008 and have lived in it without incident for almost 10 years.

However, over the last number of weeks, they started hearing noises upstairs and in the attic.

On Monday afternoon, Kellyann (44) was cleaning upstairs with their sons Shane (14) and Declan Jr (6) when they spotted something eerie.

"The eldest lad turned around and said 'mammy look'!

"This woman was on the stairs and my son was on the landing. She has long blonde hair, in her late 30s and she was wearing a white dress, like something they would have worn back in the 50s or 60s.

"She had her two hands in the air and she was looking in the sky."

Mr Doyle explained that his wife and children were terrified but the woman soon disappeared.

"The wife went down the stairs with the two sons and she she was cooking the chaps' dinner.

"My sons were sitting down and she appeared back up again at the table, next to the two lads.

"The wife just turned off all the power in the cooker and she just legged it out of the house.

"My son says he could see a window blowing after her."

Mr Doyle said the family are "very frightened at the minute".

The Doyles have asked a priest from nearby Arklow to visit the home but it will be Sunday at the earliest before that happens. In the meantime, they claim that they are living in fear.

"I don't know what it is. I don't really believe in ghosts. I always say, 'the dead never harms you, it's the living you want to be afraid of'."

Asked if he truly believes there is a ghost in his home, Mr Doyle responded: "This is not acting the maggot. This is the truth. I have three young kids at home and the wife and she won't stay in the house alone. I'm not afraid but the chaps and the missus are terrified."

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