Thursday 14 December 2017

Eyre Square clampdown to keep heart of city for public

Eyre Square in Galway
Eyre Square in Galway
Eyre Square in Galway
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

PROMOS and give-aways are set to be a thing of the past in Galway's Eyre Square after city councillors voted to ban ad-hoc commercial activity there.

Councillors took the move after a number of companies carried out public promotional campaigns in the square over the past few months.

Tom Connell, director of services for the environment, recreation and amenity, said the council made the proposal to councillors because it wanted to preserve the park for public use.

"Eyre Square is the prime public park in the city of Galway and its principle function is for the enjoyment of the public as a place to relax, chat, take in the atmosphere and to get your bearings, in the case of visitors.

"It is also adjacent to the rail station and bus station, where there is a significant amount of people alighting from public transport and is indeed the first introduction for many visitors to the city," he said.

"The City Council wishes to preserve the square for public use only and not to allow the usage of the space for commercial activity, such as launches or promotions."

The ban, which comes into force with immediate effect, will see any commitments made for upcoming campaigns being revoked. And it will prohibit future ad-hoc commercial activity on the square.


Mr Connell said implementation of the ban would be "rolled out through the work of the community wardens section" immediately.

However, he stressed that it will not apply to community groups or companies who have a licence from the council.

He added: "Events which require a licence are specific in nature and relate to overarching objectives, such as economic development or major festival events, and are managed over a set timescale.

"It will be possible to liaise with the Recreation and Amenity Department to walk through such proposed events, which will be allowed subject to the above criteria."

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