Monday 23 July 2018

Ex-criminal 'Fishy' battered over young pal accused of mob motorbike link

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A FORMER mobster was beaten up after a young associate of his was blamed for "interfering" with a motorbike allegedly linked to the Kinahan cartel.

The attack on the ex-criminal nicknamed 'Fishy' is the second brutal assault linked to bikes controlled by the gangsters operating in the Finglas district in just four months.

The latest incident, in Berryfield, took place after the juvenile was accused of "trying to steal" a motorbike in the Hazelcroft Road area of north Dublin.


"Fishy got a massive hiding even though he had nothing to do with what the gang claim happened with the bike," a source said last night.

"He was going around with two black eyes on him, he was battered very bad.

"He didn't make a complaint to gardai because he is in major fear of what would happen next."

The 26-year-old gangster suspected of the attack on the unfortunate Fishy is the main enforcer for the cartel in the Finglas area.

He is "back-up" to a flashy local drug dealer, who is embroiled in a number of separate feuds in the locality.

Fishy is believed to be terrified after the mob accused his young associate of trying to steal the bike.

The former criminal was previously threatened with decapitation by the same gang as part of a bizarre row in May last year over a horse belonging to a teenager. In 2014, he was kicked out of his own gang and given a severe beating.

At the time, sources revealed he had fallen out of favour with his own mob and was accused of being a "garda tout" after serious criminal charges against him were dropped.

He then became a target for younger gangsters who had once looked up to him.


Meanwhile, the same mob who attacked him earlier this month are also believed to be behind another sinister threat.

It is understood a Finglas criminal was told he will be shot dead if he does not come up with €30,000. The warning came after a young associate was involved in the theft of a motorbike, in which a stash of cocaine had been hidden.

More than a kilogram of cocaine had been stashed in a secret compartment at the back of the bike, which went missing from the Fairlawn area of Finglas.

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