Friday 20 April 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Watch moment police discovered hundreds of Olympics tickets kept in Irish executive's safe

Cathal McMahon in Rio de Janeiro

This is the moment Brazilian police uncovered several hundred Rio Olympics tickets kept in a safe in an Irish executive's room.

Kevin Mallon (36) was arrested by police in Rio de Janeiro two weeks ago after police uncovered an alleged ticket touting scam in the city.

Police claim that one part of the tickets discovered were allocated to the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) and the second were set aside for the “Irish public”.

Footage, supplied by the Brazilian Civil police fraud department, shows officers opening a safe in Mr Mallon's room at an upmarket hotel in the city.

Inside they discovered a portion of the 813 tickets seized by police. The passes had a face value òf around R$1,400 (€383) but were allegedly being sold for up to $8,000 (€7,070) each.

One group reportedly paid $60,000 for ten tickets.

Ricardo Barboza de Souza, head of the Civil Police Fraud Unit, explained how they uncovered the ticket stash.

“Through this department it came to our attention there was going to be a reception at a hotel. It was going to be a cocktail party where tickets were going to be sold at much higher prices.

“This whole cocktail reception was just a farce. They were making it look like a hospitality event but that was all just a facade.”

The discovery of the tickets led to the arrest of Pat Hickey at a hotel in the city on Wednesday morning.

Hickey is currently being held at Bangu Prison in West Rio. Mr Mallon is being held in the same complex.

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