Wednesday 29 January 2020

ESPN article on Conor McGregor's Dublin: 'So dangerous men can't walk their dates home'

Article about Conor McGregor criticised for referring to Drimnagh and Crumlin as 'Projects'

Conor McGregor during the World Press Tour
Conor McGregor during the World Press Tour Newsdesk

A US article about Conor McGregor has been criticised online for its portrayal of Dublin city.

The ESPN piece, written by acclaimed journalist Wright Thompson, tracks the rise of MMA fighter McGregor from Dublin's South Inner city to a multi-million euro clash with boxer Floyd Mayweather later this month.

However it is the comments about Dublin in the piece, titled 'Crossing Crumlin Road', that have gotten readers especially exercised this evening.

The journalist paints a bleak picture of the capital city: "Dublin is best understood by exploring its many divisions, its unending physical and mental boundaries."

He goes on to explain: "It's a clannish, parochial place. Crossing the wrong street has traditionally been reason enough for an ass-whipping. Men have had to drop dates off at bus stops instead of walking them all the way home."

The piece describes the Oliver Bond flats and the "cruelly named" Fatima Mansions as "projects". The author also refers to Crumlin and Drimnagh as "projects".

Earlier in the piece the writer recalls an incident where McGregor took a wrong turn onto Dublin's Sheriff Street in his white BMW.

"McGregor hit the throttle and roared down the street. Drug dealers scrambled to whatever safety they could find as he sped through the intersection."

The lengthy piece has been lauded online by some but many Dubliners have taken to Twitter to criticise his generalisations about parts of the city.

One Twitter user wrote: "Crumlin born and bred and still a resident. Never realised I was taking my life into my hands walking the mean streets of D12."

Another user said the article is "making Crumlin seem like a war zone".

Meanwhile radio presenter Matt Cooper said: "I've not read his stuff but understand he has good reputation. But when he writes this it raises questions about accuracy of everything else."

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