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Elderly woman knocked to floor as armed robber threatens shop workers


FROM CCTV....The lone raider arrives at The Glasnevin Avenue Spar.

FROM CCTV....The lone raider arrives at The Glasnevin Avenue Spar.

FROM CCTV....The lone raider arrives at The Glasnevin Avenue Spar.

This is the moment when an armed robber knocked an elderly woman to the floor as he pointed a gun at terrified shop staff.

Our exclusive picture shows a man wearing a motorbike helmet and brandishing a firearm in front of shocked onlookers in the Dublin store.

The raid happened at around 10.30am yesterday in the Spar shop on Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11.

The thug entered the shop in an orange high-visibility jacket and calmly walked to the post office counter.

He then produced a handgun, pointing it at terrified shop workers who dived for cover.

The gunman next walked to the tills in the store, where he pointed the gun at counter staff.

It was there that he collided with an elderly woman who was leaning on a walking frame, sending her tumbling to the floor.

He showed absolutely no regard for the frail pensioner as he ran in behind the counter, pointing the pistol in a worker's face.

Staff looked on in disbelief as the man opened the till and emptied the cash drawers while continuing to threaten workers with the gun.

He then fled the shop, making his getaway on the back of a white motorbike driven by an accomplice.

It is believed a third man was also involved in the raid, sitting in a car across from the Spar store and acting as a lookout.

The robbers made off with a small sum of cash and sped off in the direction of Ballymun.

Officers from Finglas Garda Station are investigating the incident and are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

Sources told the Herald that the gang suspected of being behind the raid are led by a man aged in his 30s from the Ballymun area, who was recently released from jail after serving time for a serious offence.

"He's only just out of prison and he's trying to get some money together to run his drug business again, but he's finding it difficult so he's taking part in armed robberies to get the money," a source said.

"The man is an absolute nutcase and everyone in the Ballymun area is afraid of him - he's certainly a very dangerous man."

The thug and his gang have been involved in a bitter feud in the north Dublin area for several years, which has seen several shootings, violent assaults and petrol bomb attacks.

They also had strong links with the gang formerly led by slain gangland figure Eamon 'The Don' Dunne.