Tuesday 12 November 2019

EasyJet sorry for recommending 'colourful' Orange parades

EasyJet apologised for the article in the airline's in-flight 'Traveller' magazine
EasyJet apologised for the article in the airline's in-flight 'Traveller' magazine

Ian Burrell

Being caught among hails of bricks, bottles and bolts being flung at police might not sound like much of a holiday. But that did not stop easyJet marketing the Orange Order's perennially fraught July 12 parades to passengers as a prime tourist attraction.

The focal point of this year's Northern Ireland marching season last month resulted in nine officers being injured in skirmishes. Yet the budget airline's in-flight 'Traveller' magazine made it sound rather more pleasant, listing parades alongside Belfast insider tips on how to find the best "wine and nibbles", charcuterie and burrito bars.

"Hundreds of colourful parades take place across Northern Ireland on July 12 bank holiday to commemorate the 1690 Battle of the Boyne," the magazine said, advising: "They're great to watch, just check ahead for travel disruptions and advice."

Although 18 parades took place on "The Twelfth", with most passing off peacefully, in one incident marchers from the Orange Order were confronted by angry Nationalists near Crumlin Road, from where the parades had been banned. Lines of riot police attempted to keep the two groups apart but they came under attack.

Following complaints, EasyJet has agreed to no longer promote the marching season and apologised for the article.

"We fully understand the sensitivities around the event and apologise for it not being spotted at our normally rigorous editorial sign-off," a statement said.

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