Monday 19 March 2018

Eamon Dunphy apologises for his on-air 'f-word' slip

Eamon Dunphy
Eamon Dunphy
Bill O’Herlihy, John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy in studio
Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

SOCCER pundit Eamon Dunphy was left biting his tongue as he was forced to apologise after using an expletive live on air.

The pundit left the national broadcaster red-faced last night, after he used the 'f-word' live on air during coverage of Brazil's clash with Mexico.

Presenter Bill O'Herlihy had asked Dunphy about the affect the level of expectation was having upon Brazilian players, when the pundit let the curse word slip much to his colleague's surprise.

The 68-year-old had been describing the demeanour of Brazilian star Neymar prior to taking a penalty against Croatia last Thursday, when he let the word "f**king" slip out.

"When Neymar was shaping up to take that penalty, I thought he was f**king dreading it," Dunphy said.

The pundit was reminded that they were live on air by O'Herlihy and he seemed unaware that the blooper had been witnessed by viewers.

Before RTE handed over to their coverage of the game, O'Herlihy said: "Sorry about our hiccup there, it was entirely accidental."

Mr Dunphy then issued an apology to viewers as they returned to the studio for the half-time analysis.

"I would just like to apologise to anybody, I thought we were off on an ad break. And I used a four letter word," he said.

"I am very, very sorry for the offence I am sure I caused to some people, it won't happen again."

A spokesperson for RTE described the incident as "very unfortunate" and an "honest mistake".

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