Monday 23 October 2017

Dundon brothers risk new charges over 'arms for war'

Paul Williams

WAYNE Dundon is facing the prospect of fresh charges over an arsenal of military weapons smuggled into the country for a 'gang war'.

His brother John is also likely to face similar charges and it is understood that a file is being finalised for the DPP.

The Dundon brothers tried to organise the purchase of assault rifles and rocket launchers to dramatically escalate the gangland feuds in the city.

Wayne was this week convicted of the murder of Limerick businessman Roy Collins, while John is serving life for ordering the murder of innocent man Shane Geoghegan in 2008.

It is believed that Wayne, who was jailed for life for organising the murder of Mr Collins from his prison cell, also hatched the arms deal on a mobile phone from his prison cell in 2007.

The Irish Independent understands that the gardai recently obtained a vital piece of evidence which will lead to a new criminal charge.

It is understood to include the use of voice-recognition technology, which identified Dundon's voice on the phone to one of the undercover agents.

The plan was to use an RPG 7 rocket launcher to blow up a prison van transporting former hitman turned supergrass James Martin Cahill to court.

Cahill gave evidence against four men, including John Dundon and his brother Dessie, who were accused of the murder of nightclub security manager Brian Fitzgerald.

The Dundons and their co-accused Anthony Kelly were acquitted while gang member Gary Campion was convicted of the murder.

The arms plot was foiled after an international sting operation codenamed Operation Beam, which involved gardai and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Two gang members, Glen Geasley (27) and Sean Callinan (21) were arrested and subsequently jailed after they ordered the weaponry from two SOCA agents posing as international arms dealers.

The sting began on February 22 when Geasley was introduced to an Englishman called 'George', who then brought him to meet two other men, 'Raj' and 'John'. However the three international arms dealers were undercover SOCA agents.

Geasley told his contacts that he was representing Wayne Dundon – who he described as a "major criminal godfather" behind bars in an Irish prison.

He said Dundon wanted the weapons "for a war in Limerick between Wayne's people and their enemies".


Geasley gave them a shopping list of 24 weapons for an agreed price of Stg £45,000 (€60,000). It included two Russian-built RPG 7 rocket launchers, five Russian AK 47 assault rifles, five American AR-15 assault rifles, two Uzi sub-machine guns, 10 semi-automatic pistols and ammunition.

On April 20 Geasley handed over the cash to 'Raj' in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork.

At the same time Callinan was shown the weapons in a van parked at the Ibis Hotel on the Cork to Waterford Road. Gardai arrested both men.

In 2008 Geasley was jailed for 12 years, with the final five suspended, while Callinan was jailed for six, with the final three suspended.

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