Saturday 25 May 2019

Dry weather and vandalism behind recent forest fires which have caused millions in damage - Coilte

Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

Recent forest fires have caused millions of euro worth of damage and destroyed hectares of commercial property, Coilte confirmed this evening.

There has been gorse fires in counties including Cavan, Sligo and Donegal in recent weeks and Coilte said that huge areas of wildlife habitat have been wiped out.

They have also put local homes and communities at risk.

Coilte Forest's Managing Director Gerard Murphy said: "The recent spate of fires has been responsible for the worst damage to Coillte’s estate since 2011.

"The combined loss of productive timber, together with the cost of replanting the affected areas will result in a multimillion euro bill.

"In addition to the damage caused to commercial forestry, these forest fires pose a significant risk to farmland, native woodland and areas designated for nature conservation."

A gorse fire in Gougane Barra valley, Co Cork, which covering 2.5 miles at its peak (handout/PA)
A gorse fire in Gougane Barra valley, Co Cork, which covering 2.5 miles at its peak (handout/PA)

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Coilte said in a statement that while dry and windy weather has increased the risk of gorse and forest fires, some of the recent blazes on Coilte property have been deliberately sparked by vandals.

They highlighted that under the Wildfire Act it's illegal to set fire to growing vegetation between March 1 and August 31 and urged anyone doing so to stop.

They also thanked the fire services and volunteers who have put their own lives at risk by combating these forest fires.

While the dry weather is et to continue for the rest of the week, Coilte is urging people to be aware of the risk of wildfire and to exercise caution.

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