Tuesday 16 January 2018

Dramatic CCTV footage shows young shop employees fight off knife-wielding thief in Meath

Gerry Hand

This is the dramatic footage that shows two brave college students chase a knife-wielding thief from a shop after he attempted to steal cash from the till.

The CCTV footage from last Saturday at 7pm shows the robber approach the counter and show the shop assistant that he has a knife up the sleeve of his jacket, before reaching into the till and grabbing a bundle of €20 notes.

The fearless worker momentarily wrestles with him before a second staff member appears to confront the raider.

At this stage the would-be thief backs out of shot but is seen to display the knife in a bid to scare off the two youngsters.

He makes good his escape but the duo, who have been dubbed, 'Batman and Robin' by friends chase after him.

Incredibly as he gets into his car to escape the pair rip off the false number plates he had screwed on to the vehicle, exposing the cars proper Northern Ireland registration underneath.

Owner of the Centra store in Nobber, Rodney Dolan, said there was a number of customers in the shop during the incident, but said they were not near the armed man.

"At the time there were a number of customers in the shop but they were all at the rear of the premises in the off-licence area and at the ATM when the raider made his move," he said.

"We had three members of the staff on duty. One was packing shelves, the other was at the deli counter and the other at the till.

"The bloke walked up to the counter and asked for a lighter. He was given the lighter and he put €2 on the counter and the staff member opened the till."

At that point things took a nasty turn.

"The fellow  had a long kitchen knife up his sleeve and showed it at that stage, then lunged at the cash drawer and grabbed a fist-full of €20 notes. There was a struggle as the staff member tried to protect the till, which he told me later was his natural reaction," the  owner said.

"Another member of staff then confronted him and, during a struggle, he dropped the money and became extremely angry."

Once the man sped away, the workers called the Gardaí. Mr Dolan praised both of them for their actions.

They were both very brave lads and one of them had only been working here a week."

Mr Dolan said this was not the first time the shop was targeted by thieves.

"The last time I will always remember as being on the night the finale of Love/Hate was on the television, that was actually even more serious as that time a knife was pushed up against a workers throat and money was taken.

"I think what the two boys did was admirable but I have told them not to put themselves in danger again. I’d rather be down the money than visiting them in hospital.”

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