Saturday 7 December 2019

Donkey rescued from 'shocking state of neglect' begins new life

Echo the donkey and his unhealthy hooves
Echo the donkey and his unhealthy hooves
Echo the donkey Newsdesk Newsdesk

A three-year-old donkey is making progress after being rescued from a lifetime of neglect.

The little donkey, named Echo, came under the care of The Donkey Sanctuary in Cork in December 2017 after they responded to a call from a member of the public who was concerned about his wellbeing.

Donkey Welfare Adviser, Jane Bruce, attended the location and discovered a donkey in a "shocking state of neglect"

According to her report, the donkey's hooves were at least three times the length of a normal hoof, which would have caused the animal great physical stress. He had difficulty walking and had to lift his legs high to prevent the hooves becoming entangled.

Echo the donkey
Echo the donkey
Echo the donkey and his unhealthy hooves

Little Echo was very nervous and it was clear that he had very little positive social interaction.

According to Jane: "The neglect of Echo’s hooves stands out as one of the worst cases that I have witnessed. The donkey was in considerable pain and discomfort when I found him. To alleviate the pain in his hooves, he was shifting his weight about and walking appeared very uncomfortable."

Jane brought Echo back to The Donkey Sanctuary where he underwent a veterinary assessment.

His hooves have been x-rayed and he has had his first trim to remove all the excess hoof horn.

He is currently on pain relief to help him adjust to the new angle of his hooves and this will be followed up by a second ‘shaping’ trim.

Echo is now receiving around the clock care, has been treated by the farrier and the team are tending to his every need.

It's been a year since his rescue and Echo is making progress. They're sure that the new year will bring about a new lease of life for the much-loved donkey.

The Donkey Sanctuary has 5,072 donkeys and mules currently in their care and at foster homes in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

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