Thursday 19 April 2018

Dog has eyes surgically removed after being blinded in suspected chemical attack

WARNING: This article contains graphic images

Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue
Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue
Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue
Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue

Cormac Fitzgerald

A dog has had to have both its eyes surgically removed after it was the victim of a suspected chemical attack.

Lindsay, a small terrier, was found wandering in traffic in the Cork Road area of Waterford city on Sunday by a member of the public.

She was reported to volunteers at Waterford Animal Rescue who took the animal in.

Lindsay was completely blind in both eyes after having suffered what appeared to be sudden damage to the corneas.  

It is unclear how Lindsay ended up on the road or where she came from.

She was operated on by Waterford city vets, who had no option but the remove both of her eyes.

Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue
Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue

Speaking to, Waterford City Vet David Thompson said that the damage appeared to be the result of outside interference.

"The dog had perforations in both corneas, which were horribly infected and extremely painful," he said.

"There was no real damage around the eyes or the eyelids, so something did penetrate the eyes and basically obliterated them.

"If it happened in one eye you could say it was an accident, but with both eyes it's too much of a coincidence," he said.

Dr Thompson said that some sort of chemical could have been splashed in Lindsay's eyes, but that it is hard to say what exactly caused the damage.

"You couldn't rule out that he got splashed by something," he said.

"It would have to be very severe and caustic to burn through the eyes like that."

Andrew Quinn of Waterford Animal Rescue said that despite being in extreme pain and having suffered abuse, Lindsay is a happy, friendly dog.

Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue
Credit: Waterford Animal Rescue

"Right now the dog is happy, she's not suffering," he said.

"She's wagging her tail, standing on her back feet and chasing cats.

"She may be physically damaged, but mentally, she seems to be coping quite well and we're very optimistic for her," he said.

No one has come forward to claim Lindsay and Waterford Animal Rescue are now looking for a member of the public to provide a loving and suitable home for her.

"All the rescues that we do are primarily concerned with the animal and not with the person involved," said Mr Quinn.

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