Sunday 26 January 2020

Disney-themed city pub crawl is such a Goofy idea, warns doctor

Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Encouraging adults to take part in a Dublin pub crawl while dressed as Disney characters is "strange", Alcohol Action Ireland has said.

The organisation's Dr Bobby Smyth has criticised the event, which is being organised by British company Hullabaloo Promotions and is due to take place in the capital next month.

Dr Smyth said the organisers must be careful not to "cross a line" when inviting Dubliners to dress up as fairytale characters for the pub crawl.

The company is charging participants €7 for entry to the event and is advertising it to those aged over 18 on Facebook.

However, the mixture of cartoon characters with alcohol is one that should not be encouraged, said Dr Smyth.

"People do like dressing up, but it's strange to encourage people to drink in children's costumes," he said.

"It's important too to say this must not cross a line by choosing to advertise children's characters.

"It's important that this is only targeted at adults."

Dr Smith added that, while he was sure the company was only advertising the event to adults, he could not understand why children's costumes would be associated with a booze-fuelled night.

"You would think that Paddy's Day would be enough of an event for alcohol," he said.


"You don't need to include the addition of dressing up as Disney characters too."

The Disney-Themed Pub Crawl, which is in no way endorsed by the Disney Company, has enjoyed some success in the UK, with events in York, Nottingham, Glasgow and Norwich.

The company does not say how many bars it will be taking revellers to. Tickets for the event went on sale yesterday.

"It will be first come, first served, so you better be quick," a post on the company's Facebook account said.

In recent years, the 12 Pubs of Christmas challenge, which sees groups of friends or colleagues attempt to drink in 12 pubs on one night, has come increasingly under fire.

Each year, more pubs in cities across Ireland have been turning away the groups.

Last December, Operation Transformation's Dr Ciara Kelly slammed the practice.

"The majority of the people who do the 12 Pubs are young men, and those who are still standing by the end of it will have an incredible hangover the next day," she said.

"Many will feel shaky, nause- ated and have a banging headache from the dehydration.

"All will experience that acute unease - the queasy fear that you get after too much booze.

"The 12 Pubs is a way of packaging a binge as a good time.

"The reality is that 24 units of alcohol will leave you stoci- ous drunk and feeling crap for days."

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