Thursday 22 August 2019

Discovered: The high-tech device that can jam your house alarm

A device recovered by gardaí that may have been used in the course of a burglary
A device recovered by gardaí that may have been used in the course of a burglary
Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Two men have been arrested for burglary - and gardaí have uncovered some of the high-tech gear they used to target homes.

It is suspected that the device pictured is an alarm "jammer" or "disrupter", which is used by criminals to stop a monitored alarm system from sending a signal back to its operating company or the gardaí.

The device is based on a powerful magnet and has a power cable that needs to be used to keep it charged.

The discovery shows that burglars have upped their game as home security has advanced.

"Before you would have just had to cut the telephone wires but a lot of alarms are wireless now," a garda spokesman said.

Gardaí found the device following the arrest of two men in north Dublin city on Saturday afternoon.

Gardaí also found items that could be used in the process of a burglary when they stopped and searched the car in which the two men were travelling.

The men, aged 28 and 30, are currently being detained at Store Street Garda Station. A planned search was later carried out at addresses in Dublin 6 and Dublin 8.

It was during these searches that gardaí uncovered the alarm jammer and a "number of sophisticated articles" that could be used to carry out burglaries.

Operation Thor is a Garda operation aimed at tackling burglaries and was launched earlier this month.

Some €5m has been given over by the Department of Justice to administer the operation.

A number of arrests have been made under the operation and programmes are also being trialled to try to reduce the rates of re-offending among prolific criminals.

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