Thursday 17 October 2019

DCU students may face disciplinary action after frat-style games involving 'nude acts'

DCU (stock image)
DCU (stock image)

Katherine Donnelly and Ian Begley

DCU has initiated a process under its ‘Student Code of Conduct and Discipline’ with a view to potential disciplinary action in relation to reports of “grossly inappropriate behaviour at a meeting of the Accounting and Finance student society”.

In a statement, DCU pointed to a clause in the code of conduct, which states that “students must conduct themselves in such a way as not to bring themselves or the University into disrepute”

It added: “Moreover, DCU expects all students and staff to abide by an ethos of dignity, courtesy and respect at all times and to operate to the highest possible standards.

The university said that it took the matter “extremely seriously” and that “inappropriate behaviour of this nature is not tolerated”.  

The process follows reports that a society at the university was been suspended from all social events after some of its members engaged in explicit frat-style games.

The Accounting and Finance Society recently hosted an EGM for first years in which students performed “nude acts” and kissing challenges.

According to student publication ‘College View’, tasks included students having to “shift”, or kiss each other.

Another round involved participants singing different songs while stripping off their clothes and, in one case, another student’s top.

In a statement, the A&F Society apologised to any member offended and pledged that such activity will not happen again.

"Due to the misconduct at our EGM on Thursday October 4, A&F has been suspended from social activity for semester one of this year, which includes the A&F European Mystery Tour.

"Because of this, ticket sales, scheduled for the 17th October, have been postponed.  A&F will ensure that this does not happen again and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any member who was offended by last weeks EGM.

"We will continue to run accounting grinds, networking sessions and other non social activities during semester one."

DCU Students’ Union offered support to anyone negatively affected.

"DCU Students’ Union denounces the events that took place at a student society event on Thursday 04, October 2018.

"Campus life at DCU is renowned for its vibrancy and diversity contributing to the overall development of our students and we are shocked and disappointed to see the actions of one cohort of students hamper this. 

"DCU Students’ Union works very hard to promote and foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging amongst the student body and the conduct of students at this meeting completely impedes this culture. It also overshadows the valuable work being undertaken by the University community to provide a safe and equal environment for all to study in."

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