Sunday 26 January 2020

Dart services suspended between Bray and Greystones due to fire

Irish Rail . Photo: Frank McGrath
Irish Rail . Photo: Frank McGrath

Conor McCrave

A fire believed to have been caused by campers at Bray Head in Wicklow has led to a suspended DART service between Bray and Greystones.

All services along the line have been suspended this morning as a result of the fire which broke out adjacent to the line.

A Spokesperson for the Irish Rail said there are likely to be disruptions to the line for the rest of the morning as debris is removed from the track.

Dublin Bus will be accepting train tickets until the issue is resolved.

Wicklow Fire Services tweeted a photo of the smouldering fire on Bray Head beside a camping tent.

The tweet said “the fire started in front of a tent and spread along steep ground east of the cliff walk at around 1am

The chief fire officer at Wicklow Fire Services has warned campers and those involved in outdoor activities to be careful of causing accidental wildfires.

The call comes after emergency services responded to a fire at Bray head last night and found an abandoned tent when they arrived at the scene. 

“The alarm was raised at 1am last night and when we arrived there was no one to be seen,” said Aidan Dempsey, Chief Fire Officer.

“Markings on the ground indicated that the source of the fire came from the campers,” he added.

It took fire officers several hours to bring the blaze under control and the Bray Greystones DART service has been suspended after falling debris caused damaged to the line.

There has been an increase that has never been experience before in these types of fires as a result of the dry and hot weather conditions, according to Mr Dempsey.

There has also been a “large number of fires caused from cigarette butts” being flicked into grass and woodlands sparking fires.

“We are advising people not to have barbeques outdoors, no campfires and to fully extinguish their cigarettes,” he said.

Gorse fires across the country have put fire services under pressure with areas of Wicklow, Laois and Louth some of the worst affected.

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