Sunday 20 January 2019

'Dan Brown portraying our fans as thugs is unacceptable' - Tubridy

Misrepresents Irish soccer fans: Author Dan Brown
Misrepresents Irish soccer fans: Author Dan Brown
Ger Keville

Ger Keville

Ryan Tubridy has accused bestselling author Dan Brown of misrepresenting Irish fans after portraying them as hooligans in his new novel 'The Origin'.

In the second chapter of Brown's latest book, he writes how two Irish soccer fans acted like 'thugs' while in a pub in Portugal.

Speaking on his RTÉ Radio One programme yesterday morning, Tubridy said the 'Da Vinci Code' author misrepresented Irish fans.

"The door opens and these two hooligans, who are then called 'thugs', come in with their Irish soccer jerseys. And they are drunk and they order pints and they start slagging your man [a soldier] for his uniform. Slagging him for his medals, poking him and starting a row and looking at the women behind the bar, essentially start being aggressive and unpleasant, drunk and acting the hooligans.

"I was reading it and as someone who adores my country, I found myself getting quite angry because I know this book is being sold by the bucket load around the country and around the world, more importantly.

"If you want a yob or a hooligan you can go to England, you could probably go to Turkey, Germany. You could go where you want but don't go to Ireland, Dan. And don't pick our guys for going into the pub, which was called the Molly Malone Pub."

While Tubridy acknowledges the book is fictional, he says Brown has misrepresented Ireland soccer fans.

"I don't know Dan Brown, I have never met Dan Brown, I have never interviewed Dan Brown but Dan Brown…I would like to ask why, of all the soccer fans in all the world, did he alight on our guys.

"I think it's irritating, it's annoying, it's unacceptable."

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