Tuesday 20 August 2019

Couple wed 24 hours after marriage form glitch

Mabel Stoop-Murphy (left) and Dolores Murphy after their wedding in Cork
Mabel Stoop-Murphy (left) and Dolores Murphy after their wedding in Cork

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Two women who waited 13 years to marry in Ireland weren't going to allow a 24-hour delay over a bureaucratic glitch to spoil their wedding plans.

Dolores Murphy and Mabel Stoop-Murphy got married in Cork yesterday morning - 24 hours after they were left devastated by their failure to wed at Cork Registry Office over an unexpected technical hitch.

The couple were left shocked after registry staff explained they couldn't proceed with the wedding on Tuesday because there wasn't a 24-hour period from when they had signed their marriage-notification forms.

But Dolores and Mabel were determined to get married as soon as legally possible and arrived at Cork Registry Office when its doors opened early yesterday.

"All we ever wanted was to be treated like any other Irish couple that love each other," Dolores said.

"We were left a bit shell-shocked by yesterday but we weren't going to let it put us off our wedding plans. We've waited too long for that.

"Mabel and I wanted to get married at the first opportunity and if that meant today rather than yesterday, so be it."

Having exchanged vows in the early morning ceremony, the couple went for a wedding breakfast in a nearby cafe with their son, James (2).

The couple were accompanied by their friends and witnesses, Paula Healy and Patricia Mullane, as well as James.

Dolores is from Cork, while Mabel is from South Africa.

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