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Council refuse to reveal results of water test

MONAGHAN County Council is refusing to make public test results from water poisoned by republican fuel launders which is flowing into the main drinking water system for Dundalk and south Armagh.

The council was directed to the poisoned stream by the Sunday Independent after tests commissioned by this newspaper in January found the water flowing from a diesel plant into the nearby reservoir to be "extremely" toxic.

The chemicals in the waste produced by the IRA fuel smugglers have been linked to cancers and foetal abnormalities.

Yet in a response to a Sunday Independent request to make public results they hold, Monaghan Council last week stated "results for the feeder stream are not for public circulation as we do not what (sic) to prejudice any possible future enforcement case as a result of these samples".

The samples of the water were taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on February 9.

This was three weeks after details of the stream and findings from an independent analysis company showed the stream was dangerously toxic by this newspaper were supplied to Monaghan and Louth Councils and the EPA.

And the EPA has also refused to disclose its findings.

Sunday Independent