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Charity welcomes 30 children from Chernobyl children's home to Ireland for special holiday

Some 30 children from Chernobyl have flown in to Dublin for a special holiday.

The group, who reside in Vesnova Children's Mental Asylum in Belarus, landed at Dublin Airport yesterday where they were greeted by their Irish hosts.

The children are in Ireland as part of a "mercy mission" by Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children International (CCI).

The mission is to airlift 200 hundred children out of Ukraine and Belarus for month long rest and recuperation holidays in Ireland this summer.

Aidi Roche was among the Irish party present at the airport yesterday evening to greet the travelling party.

The summer Rest and Recuperation Programme gives children a health-boosting reprieve from the toxic environment and high levels of radiation they are exposed to, made worse by forest fires which are at their peak at this time of year.

 Many of the children suffer from a variety of Chernobyl-related illnesses and receive ongoing medical treatment while in Ireland.


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