Sunday 20 October 2019

Charity cancels student's college cheque after he boasted on social media about being 'sorted for the races'

  • ‘That’s me sorted for the Listowel races’ the social media post said

  • The student is said to have received the cheque from the charity to help with college fees

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Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

St Vincent de Paul has issued an apology after it emerged that a student who received a cheque for college funds boasted about using the money for the races on social media.

A spokesperson for the charity said the cheque has since been cancelled and apologised for any upset caused after the student posted a picture of the cheque alongside a pint, with the caption ‘that’s me sorted for the Listowel races’. 

Christy Lynch, St Vincent de Paul regional president for Cork and Kerry, said that the individual presented himself at a conference and told the charity that he needed funds for a college deposit or he would lose his place.

Mr Lynch said that the charity typically gives the fund directly to the institution or landlord, but gave the money directly to the student as it was a “time sensitive” case and believes the social media post was a “silly” mistake.

“The young lad had a rush of blood to the head. He was boasting about what he was going to do, it was a silly thing to do,” Mr Lynch told Radio Kerry yesterday.

“This was an incident that got out of hand. The family are very upset. It’s done, the good intentions were there by the conference, I stand behind them in that.  It was a complete bravado, a ‘look what I’m doing, I got a cheque’.”

Mr Lynch said that it was the first time he had seen such a cheque issued, and apologised to anyone that was upset by the post.

“We have a system where we have an educational committee who decides who gets what and how much they get. The conference, at the time, made the decision that they made and gave him what he was looking for,” he said.

“We're aware of it now, it’s the first time I’ve come across it and we'll do everything in our power to ensure it never happens again.

“On behalf of the region I apologise for any upset it’s caused anyone and can assure you it’s never happened before.”

Mr Lynch added that the student will have to re-apply for the funds as the cheque has been cancelled.

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