Saturday 17 August 2019

Charges against Conor McGregor for 'stomping' on fan's phone dropped

Conor McGregor (Niall Carson/PA)
Conor McGregor (Niall Carson/PA)
Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

CONOR McGregor is off the hook for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone outside a hotel in Miami, after the complainant stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

The MMA fighter was arrested on March 11, and charged with two felonies after allegedly “stomping” on the mobile phone outside of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

Mr McGregor last month pleaded not guilty to charges of “robbery by sudden snatching” and criminal mischief.

But prosecutors in the Florida city have dropped charges against the fighter - as the state believed it could no longer prove them.

Court documents state that the prosecutor made several recent attempts to contact the complainant, Ahmed Abdirzak, “without much luck”. It is understood that Mr Abdirzak has returned to his native England and “will no longer be participating in the prosecution of Mr McGregor”.

The Miami Herald reports Mr Abdirzak also dropped his civil lawsuit with McGregor after reaching a settlement.

Miami Beach Police mugshot of Conor McGregor after his arrest
Miami Beach Police mugshot of Conor McGregor after his arrest

And according to court documents, Mr Abdirzak’s attorney told the prosecutor that his client “has been made whole” by Mr McGregor.

The memorandum continues: “Mr Abdirzak has had some time to reflect on his encounter with Mr McGregor... he no longer believes Mr McGregor sought to injure or damage him of his property or permanently or temporarily deprive him of his property”.

According to the lawsuit, Abdirzak and other fans were taking video of Mr McGregor outside a hotel when the fighter allegedly slapped the phone out of Abdirzak’s hand, repeatedly stomped on it and walked off with it.

The charges were formally dropped at a hearing in Miami yesterday. Prosecutor Khalil Madani said: “The victim of the crime does not wish to return to the United States and prosecute this case.”

Mr McGregor did not appear in court for the hearing.

The court documents further outline that “even if the State were able to produce Mr Abdirzak at trial, he has credibility issues as he’s changed his previously sworn testimony.

“Based on the witness’s credibility issues, his unwillingness to respond to subpoena, and the inability of the witnesses to testify as to his subjective mindset, the State of Florida cannot prove the charges against Mr McGregor beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Mr McGregor is a former two-division Ultimate Fighting Championship title holder who famously lost to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in 2017. He has since retired.

The Dubliner (30) also avoided a criminal record last July after he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct at a UFC event in New York. Several people were hurt when he hurled a trolley at a bus, smashing a window, as it left the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn in April 2018.

McGregor avoided going to jail after striking a deal which saw him do community service. He also had to take anger management courses and pledged to keep the peace for a year.

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