Monday 23 October 2017

Caravans account for small number of fires

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

Blazes in caravans and mobile homes account for a very small proportion of incidents attended by fire brigades.

Data from the Department of the Environment shows that in 2014 there were 75 fires in these types of homes attended to by fire brigades, from a total of 5,511 domestic incidents.

But the figures also show that the number of people who lost their lives in fatal fires has risen by more than 50pc year-on-year.

Some 37 people died in 2014, compared with 24 in 2013.

This comes despite a drop in the number of incidents being attended.

In 2013, fire brigades dealt with some 16,656 situations, which dropped to 13,154 in 2014.

The data reveals that fires in caravans or mobile homes are rare.

In 2014, when 75 broke out, nine were recorded in Cork city.

The number has been steadily falling, from 205 in 2010, falling to 167 in 2011, 108 in 2012 and 95 in 2013.

While there have been a number of fatal blazes involving the loss of multiple lives, the weekend's blaze in a halting site on the Glenmuck Road is the worst since the Department of the Environment began collating data in 2000.

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