Wednesday 26 June 2019

CAB officers search former Mansfield home

Nicola Tallant

CAB officers searched a former Mansfield family home in a probe into the ownership of the property.

The stunning mansion at no 10 Coldwater Lakes was once occupied by Anne Mansfield – the widow of former millionaire Jim Snr.

However she vacated the house and moved to Tasaggart House as her husband’s health deteriorated after the collapse of his property empire. Gardai are investigating if the house may have changed hands since then.

The property is nestled in an exclusive development which was built by Mansfield in what is probably Ireland’s most private development. Behind electronic gates, the mansions of Coldwater Lakes stretch out across a manicured golf course one after the other standing in magnificence.

Inside the private grounds each property enjoys a further degree of security with many covered in high tech camera equipment, high fencing and most protected by a second electronic gate to keep away unwanted visitors.

No 10 was the subject to a previous search by the CAB along with the family home at Tasaggart and the Finnstown House Hotel in January 2015.

Then more than 100 officers from the CAB and the Organised Crime Unit searched properties and offices linked to the former millionaire’s businesses.

Jim Mansfield Snr’s son Jim Jnr later complained that the raids occurred on the first anniversary of his father’s death.

At the time of the search officers found boxer Matthew Macklin- a close friend of the Kinahan brothers - staying at No 10. Cars linked to the Kinahans had also been collated at the property in the months leading up to the search and it is understood that officers discovered that Christopher Kinahan Jnr, had overseen a security overhaul on the property.

The property’s registration remained in a complex web of Mansfield linked companies for years.

Jim Mansfield Snr was once one of Ireland’s richest men before his HSS group of companies were put into voluntary liquidation owing hundreds of millions to Nama and the Bank of Scotland.

The Mansfields lost their prized hotel Citywest, Palmerstown House estate and golf course, Finnstown House, Weston Airport and hundreds of apartments and homes along with the controversial €50 million Conference Centre and vast tracts of lands and assets.

It is understood that Mansfield Snr tried desperately to put his affairs in order as his health worsened and the financial crises he found himself in deepened. He died in January 2014 – a year before the CAB searches of his properties.

Coldwater Lakes was Mansfield’s most exclusive development and all three sons; PJ, Tony and Jimmy Jnr once had houses on the estate.

Jimmy Jnr lived in Number 9 and was eventually listed as the owner after complex transfers through Mansfield companies.

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