Saturday 20 July 2019

Arson attack wrecks car of innocent sister of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gerry Hutch
Gerry Hutch

Ken Foy

A SISTER of exiled crime boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch has become the latest innocent female member of the Hutch family to be targeted in a sinister arson attack.

The 52-year-old’s Toyota Avensis car was torched while it was parked outside her home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Gardai confirmed officers from Mountjoy station are investigating the “criminal damage by fire incident” which happened at Clarence Street North in the north inner city at 2.30am. has learned two men were seen approaching the car before pouring petrol over it and setting it alight.

The male suspects fled on foot and there have been no arrests so far in the case which gardai are investigating as being part of the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud which has claimed 19 lives.

The innocent woman, whose car was completely destroyed in the incident, is a younger sister of ‘The Monk’ (55) and she has absolutely no involvement in criminality or the bitter gang warfare.

“This looks to be the work of young fellas who are doing the bidding of the Kinahan cartel in the north inner city,” a source said last night.

“This innocent woman has lived at that location in Clarence Street for a number of years.

“This mob now seem hellbent on intimidating her and other female members of her extended family,” the source added.


This was the third arson attack against innocent female members of the Hutch family in the north inner city this month and they are suspected of being carried out by “local crackheads” employed by the cartel.

No one has been injured in any of the attacks, which have increased tensions in the north inner city in the course of recent weeks.

At 10pm on January 9, a house being renovated for a female member of the Hutch family was targeted in a petrol bomb attack which caused extensive damage.

The incident happened at St Margaret’s Avenue, just off the North Circular Road.

Gardai were alerted to a fire at the front of the terraced property and found the front door and porch in flames when they arrived.

A female member of the Hutch family was due to move in to the house.

Just under 24 hours earlier, a car owned by a close female associate of cartel target Jonathan Hutch was set on fire in North Great Charles Street in a targeted attack.

There have been no arrests in either of these cases, which are also being investigated by Mountjoy gardai.


The three attacks this month are linked to an incident in December when a sophisticated hoax bomb was left outside the home of an innocent Hutch family member which led to a city centre apartment block being evacuated.

On the night of December 17 gardai were called to the complex near Upper Dorset Street after a brick was thrown through a ground floor apartment window.

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch remains a huge target for gardai and his rivals in the Kinahan cartel and he has not been seen in Ireland since the February 2016 funeral of his murdered older brother Eddie Hutch.

He is considered the leader of the Hutch organised crime gang and previously survived a botched assassination attempt at a pub on the holiday island of Lanzarote.

The north inner city remains the most tense area of the capital as the bitter feud continues into 2019.

In another incident linked to the tension, at 3.15pm on January 11, former boxer Anthony Fitzgerald – who is a close pal of the Hutch family – was forced to defend himself after being attacked by a knife-wielding Kinahan criminal at Railway Street.

The thug believed to have attacked Fitzgerald was previously arrested over the murder of Eddie Hutch.

He is one of a number of local hoods who have switched sides and now work for the Kinahan cartel despite being from the north inner city.

The knifeman’s associates are suspects in all three of this month’s arson attacks which have taken place on innocent Hutch female relatives.

The thug was reported to have suffered a broken jaw and other facial injuries after he attacked Fitzgerald, but gardai have received no complaint following the incident.

Street trader Fitzgerald is not involved in the deadly feud despite his close links to the Hutch family.

He has been attacked on a number of occasions on the street by gangsters linked to the Kinahan mob in the past two years.


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