Thursday 19 September 2019

Animal welfare group appeals for funds to treat three cats 'scalded with boiling water'

*Warning: Graphic content below

(Stock photo)
(Stock photo)

David Raleigh

AN animal welfare group has appealed for funds to cover the cost of medical treatment for three cats believed to have been scalded with boiling water.

The Deel Animal Action Group, in Newcastle West, Co Limerick, posted graphic pictures they were sent by a woman who discovered the injured cats in her yard.

“Recently we were notified of three cats that have been coming into someone’s yard and eating their family cats food. The finder was concerned about them as they had what appeared to be burn marks on them,” the animal welfare group stated on it's Facebook page.

“She took photos and sent them to us straight away. One of our volunteers went out and managed to trap one of them (we are still trying to trap the other 2).”

Posting a photo of one of the injured cats, the group advised readers: “WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT PLEASE SHARE PUBLIC. The unthinkable has happened!!!.”

“We took her straight to the vets where it was confirmed this poor defenceless animal that has no voice of its own, no ability to fend off human attackers and no way to get itself better had in fact been BURNT by SCOLDING HOT WATER!!!!”

Photo: Deel Animal Action Group, Newcastle West.
Photo: Deel Animal Action Group, Newcastle West.

The group added: “We have more pictures but they are just too graphic to post     ”.

“All three cats are in a similar state. To say we are outraged and disgusted that people can do this to any animal is an understatement. We are aware of who may be responsible for this dispicable, inhumane, and down right cowardly act of abuse of these poor babies and will be reporting it to the ISPCA as well as the guardai.”

The group added: “We hope you are ashamed of yourselves!”

“The vet has advised us that the treatment for all 3 of these cats will consist of minimum 4 days in the vets having treated dressings changed daily under sedation and pain relief. Then into a foster home until they are pain free and back to reasonable health.”

The group said the cat they rescued was “in tremendous pain”, however “the vet does feel with the right care they will make a good recovery”.

The group asked for donations to help with the cats medical bills.

“So we are asking for help to pay for their medical bills. NO-ONE deserves to be treated in this way, let alone a defenceless animal that is just trying to survive and get by in life,” it said.

“Please show us that not all humans are as evil and cruel as this and put at least some of our faith back into humanity by donating through our donate button to get these precious darlings back to good health.”

The group currently has “over 30 cats and kittens in our care as well as a number of dogs”.

“This in turn means we have significantly high vet bills, to the tune of around €8000. So taking on these babies as well will only add to the pressure we are under,” the group said.

“Any donation you can make will be very gratefully received. We will of course keep you updated on how they are all doing in the coming weeks.

Thank you everyone,” they added.

Local gardaí said they “take seriously these types of cases”.

A spokesperson said they had not received a complaint about the matter.

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