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Animal rights group launches bid to save Benjy the gay bull from slaughter


An animal protection group has launched a bid to save Benjy the gay bull who is destined for slaughter because of his penchant for other bulls.

The Animal Rights Action Network (Aran) is fundraising £5,000 (€6327) to have him re-homed in an animal sanctuary in the UK.

Benjy, the non-performing Charolais, owned by a Mayo farmer, hit the headlines when it was discovered that he was destined for the butcher’s block.

The bull had failed to impregnate any of the cows in the farmer’s herd and showed more interest in the other bulls.

The Mayo farmer, who is remaining anonymous for fear that he’d be the butt of jokes in his local community, has already had an offer from a butcher but he’s declined the offer.

Aran has paired with online gay magazine TheGayUK to raise the funds to re-home Benjy in the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

"The plight of little Benjy is hitting the hearts and households of Irish society with the reality of what will face this innocent boy if someone somewhere doesn't step in," Aran's John Carmody said.

"As a gay man myself, I know only too well what it is like to be treated indifferently, that's why I hope we can give Benjy a second chance in life whilst helping to bring attention to the problems facing all gay people everywhere around the world, and of course the many other Benjy's that are brought to slaughter on a daily basis who are not so lucky."

The farmer bought Benjy and let it run among his herd of cows but disappointment struck when scans showed that none of the herd were carrying calves.

“Benjy had already been tested and everything was normal, so it became apparent that the problem lay elsewhere,” the farmer had said.

The farmer thought he might have been a “discreet chappie” who didn’t want to be “doing the business in public”.

On closer observation, the farmer noted that Benjy seemed more interested in other bulls as opposed to cows.

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“At first I didn’t take seriously that the bull could be gay but after seeking advice I know this can happen,” he said.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich, England offers a safe haven for unwanted, ill-treated and neglected animals, and is already home to over 2,000 animals including horses, ponies, donkey and mules.

A Crowd Funding page to help save Benjy from slaughter has been set up and donations can be made at: www.CrowdFunder.co.uk/Save-Benjy-The-Gay-Bull

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