Wednesday 19 June 2019

Amanda Brunker: Hypocrisy of the Pope's visit is a slap in the abuse for abuse survivors

Pope Francis is due to visit Ireland next August
Pope Francis is due to visit Ireland next August

Amanda Brunker

I'm conflicted at drawing negativity to an institution that gives so much solace to people at this emotional time of year, but I can't help but be angry towards the Catholic Church - more specifically the Irish wing.

So the Pope's visit in 2018 is going to cost €20m, eh? And the Church is claiming it will pay for it all.

Of course it won't pay for it. All the money the Church has is the money the public has already given it. It is estimated the Church will only pay €5m towards his visit and the other €15m is expected to be funded by further donations by, yes, the public.

That said, non-Catholics will also end up paying for the pontiff to grace our shores.

The birthday boy, who turned 81 years young on Monday, will require a ridiculous amount of gardai to mind the masses - though not as much as for JP's visit in '79.

What's grinding my gears, and those of many other detractors, is the fact that money can be magically found for Pope Francis.

It's amazing how they struggle to scrape together money for the survivors of abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church.

Where, may I ask, is the Christianity in that? The Pope gets a holiday and Catholic victims come way down the pecking order.

I can't fathom the pain this must inflict on those men and women who were abused by paedophile priests, or kept prisoner in Magdalene Laundries and had their babies stolen from them.

Their lives must be an open wound and the hypocrisy of the church must be a constant slap in the face.

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