Sunday 17 December 2017

Alleged Nazis host party for Hitler in Irish man's restaurant: 'The undesirables, the white-supremacists'

The Irish Rover pub in Kentucky
The Irish Rover pub in Kentucky

Kathy Armstrong

An Irish man was horrified when a group of alleged neo-Nazis hosted an "unsavoury" birthday party for Adolf Hitler in his restaurant.

A group of people supposedly from far-right website The Daily Stormer arrived at The Irish Rover restaurant in Kentucky last Thursday, which was Hitler's birthday.

After a thread from the Daily Stormer's website showed plans arranging to meet there, the Louisville Anti-Racism Action Group also arrived and confronted them, shouting "Nazis out" for 15  minutes until they left.

Co Clare native Michael Reidy, who owns the eaterie with his wife Siobhan, spoke about the incident.

He told WAVE-TV: "We had some folks in there that we would never have in normally, the undesirables, the white-supremacist folks."

"We weren't aware of it obviously and they were celebrating an unsavory event and the other folks came in.

"We understand and we asked the white supremacists to leave. It was the right thing to do. And we feel good about it. We feel it was handled appropriately."

Louisville ARA also released a statement and video footage from the incident on their website.

Some of the alleged-Nazis are seen wearing clothing with fascist symbols like the SS logo on them.

Louisville ARA said: "A group of area white supremacist posters from the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer were celebrating Adolph Hitler last evening when they were asked to leave the Irish Rover by the owners after being outed by Louisville Anti-Racist Action.

"Louisville ARA arranged for a crowd of approximately 40 members of the Louisville community to confront the group, and provided screenshots to the crowd and to the owners of the establishment to support their actions.

"The crowd chanted 'Nazis out' until the group left."

One of the men seen in the ARA's clip, Scott Hess, told WAVE 3 news that the group were just having dinner and denied they are Nazis.

He said: "According to these people and groups, Trump and his supporters were also 'neo-Nazis. Anyone they disagree with is called a Nazi. They're the bootboys of the radical left. Antifa are domestic terrorists by definition."

"The Antifa attacked the entire restaurant. They attack Trump supporters. They attack reporters, too. They attack anyone who's not a radical anarchist. We will not be intimidated. We will defend our people. We will prevail."

Many online commentators have praised the Reidys and the Irish Rover staff for stopping the event.

One said: "Sorry to hear of your recent unfortunate brush with the undesirables. I applaud the action you took, and I fully support the Rover for making a stand."

Another said: "Been going to the Irish Rover my entire life... Much love to the Reidys for standing up for what is right."

A third person simply said: "Thank you for standing up for what is right."

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