Monday 10 December 2018

Alarm clock styled to look like a bomb on sale in Belfast branded 'tasteless'

The fake bomb on sale in Belfast
The fake bomb on sale in Belfast

An alarm clock styled to look like a bomb which is on sale in Belfast city centre has been branded "tasteless" by the Deputy Lord Mayor.

The clock features a number of different coloured wires protruding from the top and side, along with a digital screen, red button and blue light.

Guy Spence
Guy Spence

It was on sale yesterday for £30 in gadget shop Gismo.

The shop has claimed it is one of their best sellers.

However, Deputy Lord Mayor Guy Spence said it may cause fear among shoppers.

"Explosive devices aren't seen as objects of humour, instead they represent hurt, harm and destruction for many in our city," the DUP representative added.

"I would appeal for those selling products such as this to rethink their decision to place these on sale.

"If citizens were to see this in a public place, it may cause fear and confusion.

"Belfast is in a much better place from its violent past, but selling tasteless products such as these, which replicate the destruction of the past, does not represent our vision of regeneration and reconciliation."

Thousands of bombs were planted by both republican and loyalist terrorists in Belfast throughout the Troubles.

A series of 20 bombs dotted across the city by the IRA on July 21, 1972, a day which later became known as Bloody Friday, was among the most devastating attacks, killing nine people and injuring 130. The alarm clock remained on sale yesterday.

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