Saturday 24 August 2019

African people here suffer frequent racist abuse by public institutions - report

People of African descent in Ireland suffer 'frequent racist abuse including violence, harassment and discrimination by public institutions, a new report has revealed.

The report which was carried by the European Network against Racism Ireland, conducted an investigation of 189 cases reported incidents over a two year period.

Dr Lucy Michaels, sociologist at the Ulster University and lead researcher on the report, said on Morning Ireland: "One of the things that makes this report so devastating is that while we consider ourselves to be a welcoming country, it simply isn't true when it comes to black people.

"What we have seen in the report is everyday racism - from online racism to attacks on people's Facebook pages. It can come in many forms."

Dr Michaels also revealed that the report found that black people are often shouted at in public, asked to leave public spaces or are accused of benefit fraud. 

The report also revealed that young women are the victims of stalking and harassment in public places, while harassment of black families in their neighbourhoods is also extensive.

However, the report also revealed that many black families are reluctant to highlight the abuse for fear that it makes the situation worse.

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