Monday 20 November 2017

Abortion case: Timeline of events

The young woman discovered she was pregnant in the second trimester.

The woman sought an abortion under Section 9 of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, 2013 as she claimed to be suicidal.

It is believed to be one 
of the first cases under the 
new law.

Her case was assessed 
by a panel of three experts, as set out under the legislation passed last summer.

The panel was made up of a consultant obstetrician and two psychiatrists.

The psychiatrists on 
the panel determined her 
life was at risk as she had suicidal thoughts.

The consultant obstetrician said the baby could be delivered as it was far enough into the pregnancy.

Due to the 1992 X case, there is no time limit in the 2013 act as to when a pregnancy can be brought to an end.

But there is no obstacle in the act to prevent doctors from delivering a baby where the pregnancy is viable.

The consultant concluded the baby could be delivered, as provided for in the Act.

The legislation does allow for the baby to be delivered, if it is medically possible to do so and it doesn't put the life of the mother at risk.

A decision was made to deliver the baby.

The woman insisted she wanted a termination and went on hunger and fluid strike.

Concerns for the wellbeing of her and her baby were heightened.

The HSE went to the High Court to get a care order to prevent her from starving herself.

The HSE took an 
ex parte motion to allow her to be given food and fluids.

The care order was granted allowing the HSE to hydrate the woman.

A second court date was due for the HSE to set out its care plan.

But the woman then agreed to go ahead with the decision of the doctors and the baby was delivered by Caesarean section in hospital.

She wasn't on hunger 
strike for long enough to 
be of danger to herself or 
the baby.

The baby was induced 
by Caesarean section to ensure safe delivery.

The baby was delivered 
when the woman was between 23 and 25 weeks pregnant.

The baby is alive and is doing well, despite being 
in considerable distress when born.

The baby is now expected 
to be taken into care by the State.

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