Friday 20 September 2019

'A French fan came at me with fists flying'

Brian O'Driscoll
Brian O'Driscoll

BRIAN O'Driscoll admits he was ready to "have a cut" off a French fan who came at himwith "first flying" on a night out in Paris.

The incident occurred 14 years ago, moments after leaving a kebab shop. O'Driscoll was on a high after scoring his now historic hat-trick in a Six Nations Championship victory against France in 2000.

He was about to "have a cut" off the fan, he wrote, but recalls how he was "dragged back".

"We get our taxi driver to stop at a kebab place for some soakage on the way back to the hotel," he explained.

"We're waiting at the corner when we notice five French guys eyeballing us from the end of the shop."

He said his group initially ignored them, picked up their food and climbed back into the taxi.

"We're about to take off when my door is pulled open. I turn to see what's going on just as a fist comes flying through the window and catches me flush on the side of the head.'What the f**k?'"

He then looked up and saw someone from the kebab shop standing in front of him, with his fists clenched.

"I'm about to get back out of the taxi to have a cut off him when Gaillimh (Mick Galwey) reaches across and drags me back.

"Joan (Mick's wife) pulls the door shut and tells the driver to step on it."

In his early 20s, he also says he liked to "work hard and play hard", revealing that his preferred tipple of choice is a pint of Bulmers.

Remembering his younger days, he describes how he was a "man of extremes" and became known to some as 'Bobby Bulmers'. But even after a heavy night on the tiles, he always put in the "hard training", he said.

"At 22 years of age I don't see the need to behave in a certain way just because I'm starting to become well known as a rugby player."

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