Monday 25 June 2018

200 teenagers descend on West Cork village for weekend of 'absolute mayhem'

Gardai (Stock image)
Gardai (Stock image)

Cormac Fitzgerald

Local councillors and business owners have expressed their anger and disgust after a large group of teenagers descended on a West Cork seaside village for a 'wild weekend' of camping and drinking.

Locals report that large groups of teenagers, aged mostly between 15 and 17, started arriving at the idyllic seaside village of Crookhaven last Friday evening.

The event was reportedly organised over social media, and there was between 150 and 250 present, illegally camping on Galley Cove for the weekend.

Dermot O'Sullivan, who owns O'Sullivan's bar on the pier in Crookhaven, told that the teenagers were disrespectful, intimidating and had ruined the weekend of the Crookhaven regatta, which was being held at the time.

"Collectively they were extremely intimidating, very badly behaved, and left an enormous amount of litter, cans and bottles, behind them," he said.

"It's a rarity for us to have any need at all for the police, but this crowd ruined our holiday weekend, not just for people like me but for the families who usually enjoy the regatta weekend.

"These guys ruined it for us and everybody else and they were a total disgrace to themselves and their families," he said.

The teenagers were present on the pier in Crookhaven until four o'clock Friday and Saturday night, Mr O'Sullivan said. They left mostly on Sunday morning and afternoon.

Gardaí from nearby towns were present, however Mr O'Sullivan said that there was no cases of physical violence or vandalism reported.

The local community came together on Sunday morning to clean up the mess made by the teenagers, which included bottles and cans and a number of tents left on the cove.


Cork County Councillor Michael Collins said that the teenagers caused 'absolute mayhem' over the weekend.

"The local gardaí handled it as best they could without it opening up into a near riot because they were fairly rough," he said.

"They were clearly weren't understanding the dangers that they were getting into... camping out and having too much to drink - it was dangerous.

"At that age they should have been at home," he said.

A spoksperson for the gardaí said that police in Bandon were investigating an alleged assault on a female in a campsite in Crookhaven on Saturday, but it is unclear if this was in relation to the teenagers' presence.

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