Sunday 22 July 2018

115,000 Irish people 'in fear' after affair site hack

The homepage of the Ashley Madison website
The homepage of the Ashley Madison website
Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen

Up to 115,000 Irish people who hoped to have secret affairs using a website dedicated to helping them have reportedly had their details leaked by hackers.

The hackers, who stole the sensitive customer information from popular cheating site, appear to have followed up on their threat to post the data online.

The unknown group breached the site's firewall earlier this year and announced that they would be releasing the details, including photographs, names and credit card details.

A massive data dump was posted on Tuesday to the so-called dark web using an address accessible only through an untraceable browser.

The files reportedly include account details and log-ins for some 32 million users of the clandestine hook-up site which boasts the slogan: "Life is short, have an affair."

Seven years' worth of credit card payment transaction details and other data are also part of the dump.

It is believed the post amounts to millions of payment transactions, which include names, street addresses, email addresses and amounts paid.

Email addresses for US government officials, UK civil servants and high-level executives at European and North American corporations were also posted.

The hack appeared to be aimed at causing maximum damage and public embarrassment to the individuals, potentially ruining relationships, rather than for financial gain.

"If your name's been published, you're going to live in fear," said Rik Turner, senior web analyst for the consultancy firm Ovum.

"There's nothing you can do once it's been published."

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