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News ace Kate digs out her Irish roots


Kate Adie in
Waterford with her

Kate Adie in Waterford with her certificate

Kate Adie in Waterford with her certificate

She's reported on most of the global trouble spots for decades, but lately, Kate Adie has been turning her investigative instincts to her own life story.

So far, it has brought her to Waterford, where her Irish roots were officially recognised yesterday. Following the likes of Barack Obama and Tom Cruise, the award-winning journalist and broadcaster is the latest to receive a Certificate of Irish Heritage at a Gathering ceremony held in Waterford Castle.


The recognition came about after she discovered in recent years that her birth father, John Kelly, came from Co Waterford, and met her birth mother, Babe Dunnet, while working in England during World War Two.

She was raised in Sunderland in the northeast of England by her adoptive parents. "I had a very happy childhood. I have been blessed in many ways, I was brought up by a couple who never kept any secrets from me about how I arrived," she said.

When the former BBC chief news correspondent met Ms Dunnet 22 years ago, some light was poured on her "Irishness".

She said she was "thrilled" to be honoured with the certificate. "Here I am, the daughter of someone who knew these streets and knew what the river outside looked like . . . I feel I've come home."

And she added that she'd been in Ireland many times. "I've worked endlessly over here, all over the place from Cork to Galway to Dublin, as well as the North, so I know it quite well," she said.

The veteran reporter is about to hand in the draft for her fifth book, 'Fighting on the Home Front', about the lives of ordinary women during World War I.

Anyone of Irish heritage can obtain a special version of The Gathering certificate by contacting help@irishheritage.ie

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