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Sunday 18 March 2018

New system halts eavesdropping of garda radios


GARDAI are using a new radio communications system in Limerick in a bid to stop some of the country's most dangerous criminal gangs from "listening in".

The Limerick division is the first area outside of Dublin where the new Tetra radio system has been made available to gardai.

Previously, criminals equipped with scanners were able to intercept and listen in on garda conversations on the old communications system. Officers also had to resort to using payphones and their own personal mobiles for garda work.

Supt Frank O'Brien said over 600 officers in the Limerick garda division were now equipped with the latest technology.

"In the past, it was a concern that the capacity of the old communications system could be compromised. This new system offers us the highest level of security which in turn instills public confidence," Supt O'Brien said.

"We are aware of the public concerns with the old system, which was on an open network and was capable of being intercepted. The Tetra system cannot be compromised and is a service that will prove essential to our future work," Supt O'Brien said.

The handheld radios can send text messages, make phonecalls and have a built-in GSM locator.

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