Wednesday 16 January 2019

New 'Sneaky Naggin' drinking fad pressures students to drink spirit bottle down in one

David Kearns

A new drinking craze among third-levels students requiring them to down a naggin of spirits has been condemned by the Union of Students in Ireland.

The ‘Sneaky Naggin’ game involves surprising a fellow student with a 200-millilitre  bottle of cheap spirits, usually vodka or gin, during class and forcing them to drink it whole when they are next out.

USI Welfare officer Greg O’ Donoghue branded the game as “irresponsible”, saying that “no friend should encourage someone to drink that amount alone.”

“Consuming that level of alcohol is dangerous and it isn’t something that people should be encouraging their friends to do.”

“Our message on this is simple, don’t give into peer pressure. Don’t be afraid to be your own person,” he added.

Hitting out at student sites posting “how to" guides on sneaking naggins into pubs and clubs, Mr O’ Donoghue said such articles “weren’t helpful in encouraging people to develop healthy drinking habits.”

“Quite frankly, we don’t support this kind of advice,” he said.

The ‘Sneaky Naggin’ game comes on the back of a report last month which showed that two-thirds of third level students were drinking “hazardous amounts” of alcohol every week.

Researchers at University College Cork questioned students on their drinking habits – with 66pc admitting they engaged in unsafe drinking.

“Binge drinking does real damage to the body and people need to realise that,” said Mr O’ Donoghue in response to the report.

“In December we rolled out our ‘Mental Drinking’ campaign to highlight the dangers of drinking too much. We’ve been really pleased by how well it’s gone down and next month we’ll be visiting over 30 campuses to drive home the message.”

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