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Sunday 17 December 2017

New scheme to create jobs is 'not working fast enough'

THE Government's strategy for job creation has come under heightened scrutiny following new figures which show an increasing number of people are now signing on.

The statistics resulted in criticism from businesses that the much-heralded jobs initiative -- announced in May -- is not working quickly enough. A spokesman for the Government last night said the project was aimed at helping people get back to work, reskilling and building consumer confidence -- all within the "limited resources" that are available.

Yesterday, the speed of this initiative was dismissed as being too slow, with the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) saying it is not "gaining traction".

Another much-publicised move for job creation was the internship scheme, with the aim of placing 20,000 people, but which has only set up 23 internships so far.

The Government has also said the recent reforms to the banks mean businesses will be able to access credit, while the recent cut in VAT will deliver tourism and hospitality jobs.

•MOST Irish people fear for their jobs and have little faith in the Government's ability to drag the country out of its economic morass, an EU survey has found.

According to the study, published yesterday, only 31pc believe that unemployment has hit a peak, while 60pc say that the worst is yet to come.

A quarter of Irish people think the EU is the most capable of getting the country back on track, with 26pc favouring leadership from Brussels, while only 21pc say the Government is able to manage the recovery.

The IMF is favoured by 15pc of people.

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