Thursday 26 April 2018

'New overlord' receives a warm welcome on the web


Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

MOVE along folks: there's nothing to see here.

By mid-afternoon, the presidential election count was no longer even 'trending' on Twitter, or, in layman's terms, there were at least 10 other things that Irish users were more interested in talking about.

None of these were very interesting. They included Bertie, the Dublin web summit and Halloween.

Then, suddenly, something happened. Sean Gallagher conceded, skulking home to lick his envelopes/wounds.

But, after a brief flurry of guffaws, those pesky hipsters largely ignored it.

The twitterati was more interested in revealing somewhat-dubious Michael D 'facts' by that stage.

"Magnum PI's butler, Higgins, was named as a tribute to Michael D Higgins," said Oliver Farry.

"Michael D is not small, he's just far away," noted Jenny Flynn.

Monday night's 'Frontline' debate -- highlighting the fallout from the Irish Independent revelation that Mr Gallagher had organised a Fianna Fail fundraiser -- was still being pinpointed by experts yesterday as the turning point.

"See! It's always wise to ring in sick on a Monday ask #Gallagher #aras11," claimed theopeninterview. "He will be sick next Monday & every other one."

There was still a bit of fight left in the McGuinness and Gallagher camps over on and

But their criticism of "our new overlord" was still wishy-washy.

"I don't get all this 'too old for the presidency' stuff," argued countyman.

"Michael D is 70 years old. Eamon de Valera was 77 when he was elected into his first term and he stayed in office until 14 years later.

"In fact Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson were the youngest Irish presidents ever elected so I don't think that's an issue at all."

Evidently, nor does most of the electorate.

Now for that victory poem.

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