Thursday 26 April 2018

New Irish tech company wins pilot to replace hospital pagers with new app

Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

One Irish startup has won a pilot with the largest hospital in the country to replace doctors' pagers in hospitals forever.

Ruth Kenny, 27, co-founder of Medxnote, an app which will surpass and replace "inefficient" pagers, says her company has signed up with St James's Hospital to pilot the new groundbreaking smartphone technology.

"Pagers are an outdated technology from the 1980s. All doctors now have smart phones in their pockets and we aim to utilise this capacity to deliver faster and more efficient communications, to result in better patient outcomes."

According to research, 12 per cent of pager messages never get answered in a hospital, and staff often experience an eight-minute delay time. This can lead to critical time delays and possibly even a loss of life.

Medxnote is now raising capital to proceed with their app construction, which will be cost effective for the HSE and efficient.

"Niall Rafferty our other co-founder worked as a radiographer and he saw the problem with pagers as inefficient tools."

"We've conducted interviews to see what solutions they need and we've let them tap away at it to see what they'd like in the app."

With Medxnote, doctors will receive a message instantly about an emergency, and will be able to see whether a doctor is on site or at another location. Doctors will be able to know when a message has been received and who's going to act on a patient's case.

"Say if you need a cardiologist, you can see instantly if one is on site or not," Ms Kenny said.

Doctors will be able to receive patient information to their phone, but crucially, this information will be safe and secure and will only ever be viewed by the authorised medical professional it was sent to.

"If a doctor loses their phone or their phone gets robbed, they will be able to log into the app from any free-standing computer and wipe everything immediately so there's nothing on it for anyone else to see."

"We'll be working with a top security firm in Ireland and we're going to appoint a technical officer to have that data protection in place."

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