Saturday 21 April 2018

'New graduates have a choice -- take any job or be unemployed'

Mary Byrne, Carlow, is delighted with her internship with Bill O'Herlihy PR in Dublin
Mary Byrne, Carlow, is delighted with her internship with Bill O'Herlihy PR in Dublin

RECENT graduate Mary Browne was promised the world would be at her feet when she finished her degree -- however, this did not happen.

Instead, the 21-year-old relentlessly pursued jobs in various fields for months, before she made the decision to take on an internship, rather than joining the ranks of the unemployed.

The Carlow girl believes that the figures released yesterday stating that the unemployment levels are at there lowest rate since 2009 are deceiving.

She thinks that many young people have just found alternatives to being jobless.

"I went to Dublin City University where I studied for a BA in communications. I finished my three-year degree course in May, and found myself at a crossroad.

"There are very few opportunities for young graduates, so I had limited choices -- it was either get a job, any kind of job at all, or become unemployed.

"I knew for certain that unemployment was something I wanted to avoid if at all possible, so for months I pursued graduate programmes and internships.

"I eventually secured myself a position as an intern in public relations in O'Herlihy Communications. I am looked after really well by my bosses, and I love what I am doing."

She said: "The new figures do show a huge improvement and really hope that people are really finding full-time employment, and that it is not just seasonal."

She added: "The figures released yesterday, I think, are deceiving. Not all of the 41,700 people that are said to have fallen from the unemployment figures have actually returned to a workforce.

"People have emigrated, or they are doing internships and work experience to better themselves and to continue moving forward."

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