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New deal proposals 'fair', says Howlin

Public Spending Minister Brendan Howlin says the new public sector pay deal goes "much further than a tweaking of the previous proposals". Writing in today's Irish Independent, Mr Howlin also reiterated his promise this will be the last time public sector workers will be asked to take a pay cut.

"But, as I said at the outset of the negotiations back in January, this is the last ask of public servants in terms of income reductions. It is a matter now for public servants to decide," he said.

Mr Howlin says the latest proposals from the Labour Relations Commission represent a "fair compromise" following the rejection of the first deal by unions.

"The Government has listened to public servants. The new proposals go much further than a tweaking of the previous proposals. The Government had always indicated that it was open to innovative solutions to the savings question from individual unions and sectors.

"We saw some in the first set of discussions and more again were brought forward for the current proposals."

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